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Hi, I’m Tim Welch @buddzerart on Instagram and this is my website MADE JUST FOR YOU TO ENJOY!

You’re about to discover a magic secret as you follow me down this path of portraits created from social media selfies and other fun photos. The paintings you’ll discover on this site will make you laugh, wonder, and imagine…

as you scroll through your social media accounts something will make you stop.


I posted this silly art that I made on Instagram and it only got a few likes but it proved the point I was trying to make, it made someone stop scrolling for a second. You can always stop scrolling and take time to look at something really cool…


This is a huge painting I did in 2002 during the time of working on my Master of Arts degree at Governor’s State University, just south of Chicago. At the time of writing this it is for sale on the page with original art for sale and contacting me via Email.

It has pieces of maps glued to it because of the process used to create it. You can read more about this painting on the blog post if you’re curious enough. It’s just one of many fascinating paintings you’re about to discover, along with the magic secret I told you about earlier!

So Here’s The Magic Secret…

I’ve never sold my work online until now (except for private commissions) AND There’s no fancy online shopping cart on this site because I want to communicate and develop relationships with my collectors! It’s considered a unique experience and a privilege to own an original work of art by Tim Welch. Developing valuable and fun relationships with my customers is something amazing that I discovered from 19 years of working in sales and marketing.

Experience the collection of art for sale on this website here.

Here’s a picture of myself (pictured right) and one of my collectors, Christopher Street (pictured left) who commissioned a landscape painting of Shawnee National Forest in southern Illinois.


The photograph below was transformed into a painting and it’s possible for you get a custom painting of just about any photo.


Here is the photo…


and here’s the happy young lady with her privately commissioned portrait of her cat “Indy”. When you buy original art online direct from Buddzer Art Studio and Tim Welch Art you discover what it’s like to own art that makes you smile every day you look at it!

Here’s what one client posted on the Tim Welch Art Facebook Page…




This is Einstein, a lovable Labrador from Wakefield, England. He belongs to a graphic designer friend of mine and they are constant companions. Pets are family and they have such short lives. It’s a great way to hold onto your memories of your amazing pets.

Get your custom pet portrait or painting of just about any photo here!

Painting commissioned works for people provides great joy to the artist and the patron, but these paintings are just a little bit of the story of my art…

There’s More!

The latest portraits I’ve been working on is a series of computer altered portraits of people’s Instagram selfies and other fun photos. Below is just one example of a “People of Instagram” series portrait…


The picture on the left is the 20×20 inch acrylic on canvas painting currently for sale on this website. It’s based on the selfie from the picture on the right.

You can have your Instagram or other social media photo turned into a painting as well! It doesn’t have to be a portrait. It can be a picture of your favorite boat or car or whatever your picture you love and want to hang on your wall!

Here’s more photos of the painting in progress. It’s fun to use the tablet while painting because you can zoom in on certain parts of the photo to capture the colors and shapes.

When you follow @buddzerart on Instagram you’ll see progress throughout the creation of the work. The process involves photoshop altering the picture first then drawing the shapes on the canvas and painting them. It’s a simple process for creating a portrait that I’ve used for many years. It doesn’t matter HOW the artist gets to the final image but it’s interesting to discover it when you get excited about collecting art.

Here’s another People of Instagram portrait also featured in one of my blog posts.

Watercolor and colored pencil on paper: Private commission for David Armano


Stay tuned to this site and follow @buddzerart on Instagram

Love you!


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