Rediscovering Danville is an art show about Danville history featuring watercolor paintings by local artist Tim Welch.


“There’s always been something fascinating about old photographs” says Tim. This art show is about capturing the captivating history of Danville Illinois in a nostalgic way. There’s something magical about the way an old image takes you back to a certain time or place.

The first several paintings are currently on display at Art Studio 7 Gallery, located at 7 East North Street in Downtown Danville Illinois. Shown below are a few examples of the work that will be in the show.


The Cal Jamison Grocery was a fun painting to work on. Located on 1st street in Danville it later became “The Nutty Nut Shop” until someone corrects us on that. Broadway singer Helen Morgan was discovered there, she was born in Danville in 1900 and made a big impression on the Chicago club scene during the 1920’s.


The Palace and Fischer Theaters in 1945. Many people in Danville have fond memories of the Palace (which no longer exists) and of course the Fischer which has been wonderfully restored and still used today, after many years of sitting empty. The theater is an ongoing project and a portion of the proceeds from this art show will go to the foundation to help with the Fischer’s continued renovation needs.

This original watercolor has been sold but will be on loan from the owner for the duration of the show. The tentative date for the show is May of 2022, at Art Studio 7 Gallery in downtown Danville.

There are prints available for purchase at Art Studio 7 Gallery located at 7 East North Street. Contact us if you’d like one. They are printed on 13×19 archival print paper and signed by the artist. Since we don’t have regular hours at the gallery yet please contact me on Facebook or Email.

We can’t continue the show without your support so we’ve developed a creative way for you (our sponsors) to get something back in return (besides good feelings)…

For a $50 sponsorship you get an 11×17 print of your choice from the show (and it’s even signed by the artist)!

(Go to this link to easily contribute)

We will of course accept donations of any amount but why not enjoy some art for your home or office in exchange for your kindness and generosity…

For a $100 sponsorship you get two signed 11×17 prints of your choice. It’s a great option because you can give one as a gift or just enjoy both of them!

For a $200 or above (up to $500) you get a signed print and a custom work of art to be agreed upon between you and the artist.

The final sponsorship level is the business advertiser’s package which includes a full page ad for your business in our quarterly art catalog, featuring Danville and the surrounding area’s most talented local artists. Please email or call the artist, Tim Welch regarding this amazing opportunity for your business and become a patron for the arts in your community.


Signed Prints Available at Art Studio 7 Gallery

This painting of Burger Chef in Danville during the 1960’s was purchased by Butch Schroeder. Since the original is no longer available you’ll have to get a print if you’d like to have it hanging on your wall. People really seem to enjoy the nostalgic memories they get from paintings like this so that’s why it’s so fun painting them. I remember going to Burger Chef as a kid where there were many nostalgic photos on display.


The Big 4 Railroad Bridge also know as “The Arches” was one of the places I remember being told to “stay away from” when I was a kid. Of course we didn’t and there are many stories about this place from locals who have visited there.

Remember to contribute to the show to keep seeing more amazing art, or even order your own custom work of art for your home or office!