Custom Pet Portraits



Who Else Wants to Discover the Joy of Having a Custom Handcrafted Portrait of A Favorite Furry Friend?!

From the Art Studio of Tim Welch,

Hey pet lover,

One time my friend Tom asked me to paint a portrait of his awesome golden retriever Winston. Since I had already painted portraits of people all through art school it seemed like no problem to do a portrait of a dog, as long as there was a good photo to work from. Just think of all the pictures of your fur babies you have on your phone and imagine your favorite one as a painting hanging on your wall…

This painting (pictured below) is of a friend’s dog as well and you’ll discover the fascinating back story behind this one soon…


… or how about the story of another client Beth who wanted to give her granddaughter a portrait of her beloved cat “Indy”? Her granddaughter was going off to college and couldn’t take the cat with her so Beth thought she would love a handcrafted portrait of Indy to hang on her dorm room wall…

“Some people laughed when I told them I was quitting my job to start a business painting handcrafted pet portraits, but when they started to see the paintings on social media…”

Another time a visit to the doctor resulted in this custom watercolor pet portrait in the picture below…


Here’s the photo it came from (pictured below)


Go here to discover how to get yours right now!

If you think you don’t have a good enough picture then no worries. This poor dog’s paws were chopped off in the photo but the client had another photo that I used to capture his paw-fect pose. (see what I did there) 🙂

There’s a wide variety of paintings available here but custom portraits of your pets in acrylic on canvas or watercolor are my specialty. It’s a simple process of using photos of your favorite pet and turning them into custom artwork that you and your loved ones can enjoy for many years…

Beth’s granddaughter absolutely loves her portrait of her cat Indy and all her friends get to see it when they come to her dorm room. Just look at the huge smile on her face! 🙂





Here is the photo the above painting came from. As you can see it doesn’t have to be the best photo in the world. One from social media works fine as long as its not too dark or blurry.

As for this 16×16 inch acrylic on canvas pet portrait (pictured below)


this artist could not resist that sweet little face so I had to paint this one just for fun! He belongs to a friend and social media follower. Here is the picture it came from (which I altered in photoshop) below…


Here’s what people are saying about their handcrafted pet portraits from Tim Welch Art…


Unfortunately there isn’t a good photo of the painting of my friend Tom’s dog and it was many years ago that I painted it for him, but it’s still hanging on his wall at his house in Florida.

Painting pet portraits provides so much joy because our pets bring so much joy to our lives. Just imagine showing everyone that comes to your home your beautifully handcrafted portrait of your favorite furry friend! (you might just become the envy of all your friends)…

To discover more on how you can have a portrait of your favorite furry friend then send us a message on our Facebook page 

or go here to get a FREE quote for your pet portrait booking now before someone else gets in line ahead of you (since these are booked on a first come first serve basis).

The paintings typically take about 2 to 3 weeks to complete and range from $250 to $850 (depending on size and medium) so please hurry if you’d like to have it for Christmas. If we don’t get it done in time you can get a voucher to give to your loved one until the painting is completed. You’ll also get photos via email or social media of the work in progress!

Love you, 🙂

Tim Welch

P.S. Pictured below are some more examples of what’s possible for your favorite furry friends!




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