Paint Blots


As part of my daily duties of opening up the paint department where I work, I have to clean out the nozzles on the paint machines with a straightened paper clip. I decided to see what would happen if I randomly cleaned my paper clip on one side of the paper towel then folded it together.


It came out like a strange face nearly every time…

I thought this one looked like a monkey. You can read whatever you want to into these things and it’s interesting to imagine what they would be like as large paintings.


They’re like scary paint-robots, paint-bots!… no, wait… Paint Blots!

It’s a work of art meant to be saved as a photograph or reproduced into a painting because the paper towel will not last the test of time. The colorant used is a universal paint tinting colorant that goes in any can of paint you buy from a big box store or paint store. It’s intended to be mixed with acrylic and latex, as well as the other binders and solids of paint. It will not dry on it’s own and will come off the paper if you touch it. It’s also no fun to get off your skin and will absolutely stain your clothes forever.

All those things aside, it’s fun taking your mundane tasks from every day and turning them into art. Life imitates art, life IS art to me… all day every day.

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