Pink Sunglasses and a New Tim Welch Art Portrait Series!



Pink Sunglasses and a New Tim Welch Art Portrait Series!

In 2002 I did a portrait series for my show at Governor’s State University. It’s an amazing thing to paint portraits because you can connect with the person you’re painting as a subject in a similar way you would connect with someone on social media. A portrait, a selfie, a picture of you or someone you care about reminds you of the great times you have with them. The first painting in the series is my friend Airiel (pictured above). The painting measures 11 3/4 x 13 1/2″ and it’s acrylic on plywood.

Every now and then, (from an artist’s viewpoint) one of my friends posts a photo that has good composition, form, etc. Airiel’s selfie really captured an interesting composition. Your eye moves all around the image because of the hot pink sunglasses and her blue eye staring at you. If you know Airiel personally then you know she has the most beautiful eyes that capture the loving spirit she has in her heart. These pictures capture little moments of your day where you stop to think about one of your friends, especially one you haven’t seen for awhile, or even people from social media that you only know from their online presence.

These portraits are about the joy you can experience in your life from the people you love, family, friends, and the energy you surround yourself with that creates your reality. It’s up to you to decide what kind of reality you will have. Surround yourself with people who love and encourage you and reciprocate those feelings back toward them. I believe these paintings carry that loving energy and I want to share it with you. Follow me on twitter @buddzer or timmywelch on instagram to find out how to have one of your favorite instagram selfies transformed into a work of art for you or someone you love.

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