Custom Portraits Available


You can read more about this on my watercolor portraits page but I recently started painting portraits in watercolor from social media pictures and other photos I had permission to use. This is Joey pictured above. He’s a great cat who belonged to my aunt.

I’ll be painting a lot more watercolor portraits soon so if you’re looking to buy original art online you can follow this link.

The great thing about just hijacking someone’s selfie or picture and doing a painting of it is sometimes people want to just buy it from me before it’s even done.


Pictured above is one of the more recent works I did of my social media friend David Armano. I’ll finish telling the story of how the whole thing went down later, but I did the painting simply because I thought the picture was cool and I wanted to paint it. It shows the work in progress and the completed painting. It’s watercolor pencil and watercolor paint on paper.

You can learn more about the painting and how you can buy Tim Welch original art painted especially for you!

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