Illinois Artist Paints Portraits of People’s Instagram Selfies

That’s what I feel like the headline should read when people start getting more interested in this story…

When I was working on my masters in painting at Governor’s State University I painted portraits of my friends and other people around me. Since I work from photographs it only made sense to start using pictures from people’s social media accounts as subjects.

Here’s the painting completed in August of 2018 and the picture it came from.


I paint portraits because I love people and I love how funny it is that people take pictures of themselves. A selfie is like a little “hello it’s me” from you to the world. I don’t know if @janellatattoos on Instagram has even seen this painting as of yet, but there have been several other recent incidents in which I painted someone’s selfie in this manner and they messaged me right away and wanting to buy it from me.

I never expected that people would even want to buy them but now it seems like more and more people are intrigued by the day! People love themselves and that’s a good thing. I believe we should all love one another since we’re all connected by the same forces and energies.

Thanks for looking at my art and you can buy it too by contacting me. I plan to have a web store soon for all kinds of paintings that come from Instagram accounts. In addition to this I’ll continue to take private commissions to paint just about any picture you want in this style. You’ll see much more of this style coming soon and it’s very similar to what I’ve been painting for years.

You can also buy prints of my art on Fine Art America šŸ™‚

Thanks for checking this out.


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