Acrylic on Plywood Abstract Art Paintings

Plywood contains the most beautiful natural forms and shapes in within its grain. Many times there are interesting knots and elements of the wood that stand out, so I decided to accentuate them with thin layers of acrylic paint.


This one has a split down the middle that I painted dark blue as to contrast with the orange. I’m always interested in the play of colors and the push and pull of color in art. I titled this one “Dark Blue Void” because that’s what it became as I painted it. Unlike the portraits you see on this site the plywood paintings happen more organically and are not planned in advance. This is because it’s fun to see the story the wood wants to tell.

If you’re looking to buy original abstract paintings online then my plywood painting series could easily fulfill your art and design needs. For now these paintings are small but mighty, fit great in small spaces such as Tiny Homes, and I plan to paint larger one’s soon in different formats. Here is another one called “The Blue Hook”.


Some of the colors don’t occur in wood but the forms popped out and wanted to be accentuated with cool and relaxing colors. I also accented the natural color of the wood with oranges and reds.

The final piece to show you for now is called “Green Shoulders” because it looks like a head with shoulders. The titles were all created after the paintings and I’ll continue to do this as I paint them.


The all measure approximately 12×13 inches and are painted on 3/4 inch thick plywood.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram (if you’re not already) to see more of these paintings. There will also be an exhibit of these coming up very soon. They are also currently for sale. Send a message via email or Social media for purchasing information.

Love you,

Tim Welch

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