Pet portraits are super fun to paint!

Over the past few months it felt like I was headed off in 3 different directions with this art business, but the pet portraits have been the most fun to paint. The looks of excitement and joy on the faces of clients when they see their pet portraits has been further evidence that this is where the focus should be.

It was about 13 years ago (I think) when I did the first pet portrait for a friend and the rest is history. It was only June of 2018 that I decided it was time to make art a career. Starting to gain attention from galleries with my other work it was tempting to start going in that direction but when your heart leads you to something it’s wise to follow it. It’s more important to me right now bringing joy to other people’s lives with art then trying to impress art world people with the kind of art they like. This artist is working directly for you, the pet lover who wants to impress all their friends with a handcrafted pet portrait hanging on their wall. That’s what I’m most passionate about.

So why should you care?

That’s what people usually want to know, what’s in it for me? People LOVE their dogs and cats and whatever. Some people have pet pigs for crying out loud! I never painted a pig but there’s a first time for everything. Avoiding all attempts to sound like salesman here it must be expressed to you that you’ll just love having one of these pet portraits on your wall. Our pets bring so much fun into our lives and it just seem natural painting their funny little faces.

Love you,

Tim Welch

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