Historic Danville Illinois Paintings


The most recent project started in 2019 is a series on historic scenes of Danville Illinois, my hometown. The show will run for several weeks in October or November of 2020 as long as everything goes according to plan…

My fascination with history as well as painting architecture is really making this a super fun project, but in order for it to continue we need sponsors (who will receive physical art in return for your contributions). In many ways it’s like a kickstarter campaign only self run and organized. I decided I could ONLY do this if everybody wins and gets something out of it even if they can’t attend the show. There’s also a money back guarantee if you not happy for any reason with your art purchase.

If you own a business in Danville Illinois and want to have original art for your home or office this is an opportunity to advertise your business and get some great artwork in return. It’s also really satisfying to know you’re a patron of the arts and love to support other local business owners.


These are some 8×13 prints available for purchase and they’re signed and numbered. Originally I was going to outsource the prints but I wanted everything to be made local as much as possible, so I made them in my own studio. The originals are also available for purchase upon the condition they can be borrowed back temporarily for exhibition in the 2020 show called “Rediscover Danville”.

Send a private message on the Tim Welch Art Facebook page to purchase or send an email by visiting the contact page on this website. Local customers can pick up at my studio in Danville. These prints can be made on demand as well once the initial prints already made have sold. A good portion of the money raised from sales and sponsors will be put back into production of more art for the final show. There should be about 30 to 40 works of original art in the show.


The Big 4 Railroad Bridge in Danville, also known as “the arches” used to have trains traveling across it all the time but now it’s crumbling and fading away into the landscape. Most people around Danville and Vermilion county know of it’s existence but some don’t know what an important part of doing business in Danville it was many years ago. Danville was one of the largest railroad hubs in the country at one point and there are more railroad paintings in the plans for this art show. I’ve always been fascinated with trains, industry, and architecture so it seemed like a wonderful painting subject, and you will definitely see more trains as I continue to create new masterpieces.

The advertising for sponsors will be in the show catalog which will be widely distributed at many of my future art shows, in local businesses, The Danville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, as well as online. Certain sponsors will also be recognized at the show with a plaque displaying your name or business name under a painting.

Bear with me on the details as this is a work in progress and the goal is to help renew pride and excitement about our community. Special thanks to Images Framing and Fine Art in Danville for all their help and amazing framing expertise.





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