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Paint Blots

As part of my daily duties of opening up the paint department where I work, I have to clean out the nozzles on the paint machines with a straightened paper clip. I decided to see what would happen if I randomly cleaned my paper clip on one side of the paper towel then folded it together. It came out like a strange face nearly every time… I thought this one looked like a monkey. You can read whatever you want to into these things and it’s interesting to imagine what… Read more Paint Blots

First Presbyterian Church Mural Project

In April of 2017 I began work on a mural project for First Presbyterian Church in Danville Illinois. Since First Presbyterian is my home church I was greatly honored to be asked to do this project. This is the first part of the series of murals I’m painting and is a work in progress. I will be updating the images as I work on it. The next series will be about the Day of Pentecost which occurred 50 days after Easter.