Original Art For Sale



@Victoria_Stasishina: Gouache on paper 17×17 inches, Price: $489 USD

This is an early portrait from the People of Instagram series started in 2018. The picture does not do it justice and you’ll be able to see more photos of it soon. It will ship rolled up in a pvc tube and protected with acid free glassine paper.

She’s an artist I found on Instagram and the piece is painted in gouache on paper. It serves as an example of my experiences interacting with other artists on social media. It came from a photo of the artist and she was very flattered to be included in this series of paintings.

It stems from the time when I was in college and painted portraits of friends and people I had taken pictures of, social media just makes it possible to have a wider field of subjects for a portrait painter from the Midwest.


Janella: Acrylic on Canvas 20×20 inches, Price $589 USD

This painting is based on a “car selfie” (you know, when you take a picture of yourself while parked in the front seat of your car)…


Luidmilla: Acrylic on Canvas 20×20 inches, Price $589 USD



Laura: Acrylic on Canvas, 30×30 inches: NFS (SOLD)


Far From Home: Acrylic and Paper on Canvas, 60×30 inches: Price $7289.00 USD

more information and photos coming soon


Adam: Acrylic on Canvas, 36×36 inches: Price $5289.00 USD

This painting has pieces of maps glued to the canvas to signify the process of creating the painting itself. Adam is one of my classmates from college and the painting was completed in 2001. There are more detailed photos and an interesting story about this painting coming soon.