Limited Edition Prints


You’re about to discover a series of prints from Tim Welch Art that will never be available again!

As you read this you’ll soon realize what a rare and unusual opportunity just fell in your lap!

It’s a long story, but this website is moving soon to a new state of the art web platform and print lab (with tons of amazing tools and features) that will allow a much wider audience to have access to my work. (More details on that to come). The important thing to remember is because I’ll be working with new vendors instead of making prints myself, the cost of limited edition prints like these will go way up in the near future, so this is your chance to get a super great deal!

The “Blue Lincoln” (pictured above) is the first painting for this new series of influential figures that’s been in the planning stages for quite some time. This could be your once in a lifetime opportunity to get one or more of these limited edition prints that will never be made or offered again!


Because I love my fans, patrons and collectors I’m selling these signed, numbered, limited edition prints for a crazy low price! Get your hands on one of these prints for just a mere $50 each! Why would I offer a signed, limited edition print for such a ridiculously low price? (it will be soon be 3 times more at $150) I’m doing this because I love my fans, patrons and collectors. Local folks will be able to pick up their prints at the studio in Danville or if you live far away I’ll ship them to you for no extra charge.

PayPal is the simplest way but just reach out to me if you’d prefer another method.

Please send a message along with your payment ($50 for each print, just tell me which print or prints you want and shipping info if needed, pickup available for local fans) There’s going to be a new print released almost every week and they’ll be posted on Facebook as well as on this page!

Thanks for your love and support and feel free to email, message or call if you have any questions. The only dumb question is the one you don’t ask.


Limited edition 11×14 Burger Chef print on Epson Fine Art Paper.

One of the most popular selling prints to date! The original painting was purchased by Butch Schroeder from Danville who worked there for more than 40 years and later changed the name to Schroeder’s. Everyone from Danville knows this place and probably have some fun memories to share!

Just in time for Christmas, imagine giving this fun piece of art memorabilia to someone you love. Available for the low price of $50 and you’ll never see a signed limited edition print priced this low again! (They will soon be closer to $150!) Only 100 will ever be made!


Mill Street Bridge: the Arches

What a classic image from the Danville Illinois area and the Vermilion River. This watercolor painting is the second from the latest series of my work about Danville and Vermilion County Illinois. The reference photo for this painting was taken by Danville resident Timothy Grider. It depicts a winter scene of the crumbling old bridge that was the primary route of traffic between Danville’s Madison Square and The Heights.

Purchase with PayPal for $50 or you can email or call for other payment methods. Free shipping or local pickup at my studio in Danville.


There’s also 11×14 prints of the 1930’s Downtown Danville available. (The paper is 13×19 on all the prints offered on this page.

This painting was the first in the series about Danville and it depicts North Vermilion Street looking South. Notice the original Fischer Theater marquis sign as well as the Adams Building, a much different view of Downtown Danville as we know it today.


The above picture gives you a better idea of what the prints look like and if you want to see them in person you can make an appointment for a studio visit. Just email or call to schedule a studio visit, I love it when people stop by just to look at the art.


13×19 numbered and signed Muhammad Ali print next to the original watercolor. These prints are made with archival inks on Epson archival fine art paper. Only 100 of these “Violet Ali” prints will ever be made and you’ll never see them at a price this low again! (50 bucks!)

I’m taking this page down in a few weeks after the new website is complete. Since I’ll be marketing to a much wider audience, hiring a professional art marketing team, and releasing open edition prints, limited edition, and original art through this new web platform, you’ll never see this kind of offer again.

More images will be added over the coming days, so stay tuned and thanks for your support and belief!


New Print this week: “Blue Note Ben”

The story of the “Blue Note Ben Franklin” watercolor painting is a fun take on the design of the 100 dollar bill. I enjoy breaking down images into simpler forms and using limited color schemes that are pleasing to the eye. There are many slang terms the 100 dollar bill like “chasing the Blue Notes”, “the Benjamins”, etc. This painting puts the inventor, founding father and statesman in a familiar context.

Did you know Benjamin Franklin only had 2 years of formal education? That didn’t stop him from becoming a popular writer, designer, inventor, and founding father of the United States. He created bi-focal glasses, the lightning rod, and many other things, as well as a musical instrument used by Mozart and Beethoven.